Growing up in Kentucky, Ben came from a musical family. His father gave him his first fiddle at the age of 10. He began to study Bluegrass and other commercial forms of music while in the school orchestra. Probus had many great influences growing such as his cousin, "Hoot Hester" (fiddle player from the Grand Ole Opry Staff Band), Chris Thile, Mark O'Connor, Stephane Grappelli, Aubrey Haynie, The Punch Brothers, Itzhak Perlman, and many others. Studying under classical teachers and well known fiddle players, he hit the stage as a professional artist at the age of 15. After studying classical violin in college for a couple of years, he decided to try his gift out at Honky-Tonk U. Moving to Nashville in 07 he scored many road gigs with bands such as Mark Chesnutt, Gloriana, to subbing for the Band Perry. Soon after moving to town he became very interested in songwriting. Coming from years of theory and the love so many styles, he started perfecting his craft.

"Rural Kentucky people use so many expressions in our everyday lingo, that there is so many good hook ideas to use in songs." Recently Probus has landed his first single song contract with Publisher, "A Million Midnights."